Hedz Up Youth Development

Hedz-Up, started by Ian Pert, gives young people the chance to develop and try new experiences through the running of a motorcycle road racing team.

Hedz-Up, started in 2009, gives young people the chance to work with other young people in unique projects that improve their self confidence and life ambitions.

The young people Hedz-Up work with gain these skills through working with the young people on a motorbike racing team, where the young people are given different roles from seeking sponsorship to working in a pit on race days. As well as giving the young people something to do other than wandering the streets, it gives links them up with role-models, and teaches them skills like working as part of a team, communication, and meeting deadlines.

Young people are given an alternative to wandering the streets and causing problems in the community. It increases their self worth and allows them to develop key skills such as communication, planning and teamwork.

Having previously worked as an outdoor instructor, Ian recognised that activities like climbing not only teach outdoor skills, but can also teach people life skills. Ian combined this with his experience in motorbike racing, an engaging activity that draws on team work, to create Hedz-Up.

Ian received a Start It award from Firstport when initially creating the business, which helped cover a lot of the costs associated with getting his idea off the ground. In addition, he accessed Firstport’s business support services to help him overcome some of the challenges he faced throughout his journey.

The team have competed at major bike events, include the 2011 Manz GP, and their work with Forfar Academy has been highlighted as good practise, with more schools waiting to join the programme.