Vital Spark - Dunoon

The Dunoon Vital Spark participants have gone a long way since they started on the programme last October. Their ideas are quickly developing into businesses. 

Monty Phillips - Fuss Pot Farm
Fuss Pot Farm, created by Monty, is a cooperative of growers in Dunoon and the surrounding areas. They grow food indoors, outdoors and anywhere they can think off. Fuss Pot Farm is all about nutrient dense food. Monty and the cooperative growers aim is to grow enough for their personal needs and sell any surplus produce to local businesses and grocers. 
Visit Fuss Pot Farm's Facebook page.

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Duncan MaGillvaray - Inspired by Autism 
Inspired by Autism, enterprise created by Duncan, aims to provide support services for families living with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (A.S.D). Plans include a parent support group, specialised training for parents and carers as well as respite facilities and activities for people with autism. Being a parent living with A.S.D, Duncan is passionate about providing an active support network in the community. Using his experience in the care sector, he will also provide specialist support, tutoring and training for both individuals and organisations.
Read Duncan's blog here.

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Fiona Page - Takeaway Creative
Fiona created Takeaway Creative, which is an innovative service offering a range of creative hobby classes. Takeaway Creative has experts that will come to your house and teach you anything from arts, crafts, music and leisure activities. The experts can work with beginners to the most advanced. The services will be piloted in the near future.

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