Carla Brown - Game Dr

Game Dr, a new Edinburgh-based social enterprise, aims to transform health education through the development of innovative educational digital media including games and films.

Dr Carla Brown and creative director Siam Colvine discussing the problem of antibiotic resistance at Antibiotic Apocalypse film screening at Banshees Labyrinth, Edinburgh.

CEO and microbiologist, Dr Carla Brown set-up social enterprise Game Dr in 2015, following completion of her PhD in antibiotic discovery at the University of Glasgow. Following on from her research, Carla has created several innovative initiatives for antimicrobial resistance education through Game Dr. 

The key theme at Game Dr is interdisciplinary collaboration. Each resource is the product of a dynamic and diverse team comprised of scientists, creatives, developers and educators. 

Last year, Game Dr teamed up with Future Fossil Studios to develop a digital game application, Bacteria Combat that educates school pupils (ages 9-14) on bacterial competition and antibiotic resistance. The multiplayer game will be released this summer. Bacteria Combat is a digital card game that includes infectious and helpful bacteria and – Antibiotics!


This year Game Dr have teamed up with established creatives Little City Pictures and Siam Colvine, to produce an immersive and creative short film to communicate the problem of resistance. The short film Antibiotic Apocalypse, is targeted at 15-25 year olds and uses dance, martial arts and creativity to showcase the downfall of antibiotics against resistant bacteria.

The Antibiotic Apocalypse production team

In addition to this, Game Dr is currently working with Monocool Interactive and University of Aberdeen to produce two digital apps on antifungal resistance. Fungal Invaders and Killer Fungus: Evolution will be available to download in June.

Fungal Invaders app was produced for Professor Neil Gow at the University of Aberdeen. It utilises gamification to educate on human fungal infections.

fungal invader

At the very beginning of the journey, Carla received a Start It Award from Firstport that allowed her to complete development and publication of Bacteria Combat. Game Dr was also recently awarded a Grow It! Award by UnLtd. This award will allow Carla to test and evaluate the enterprise's current resources and begin development of new resources focused on sexual health education.