Jordan Butler - Heavy Sound C.I.C

Jordan Butler started Heavy Sound C.I.C, a unique social enterprise which provides music and creative writing services primarily to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping them to engage and express themselves in positive ways.

The use of music and arts helps better integrate those who have found themselves outside of the normal social structure. Jordan uses his experience as a rapper, writer and performer to build his social enterprise.

Heavy Sounds C.I.C also provides services to local authorities, children and young people services, groups, clubs and organisations for people with disabilities.

Jordan’s business model, like many other social enterprises, uses the profit made from customers who can afford to pay to subsidises for customers who cannot afford it.

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Jordan has been working with our business advisor in Edinburgh. He helped him put together an action plan as well as develop his revenue streams, marketing and team. He says:

Just enterprise support has helped our enterprise to develop more quickly and has allowed us to better understand our business.

Heavy Sound C.I.C has already made an immediate and direct, positive impact on the lives of the young people they support.

Jordan is currently based in East Lothian but also covers Midlothian. He is looking forward to offering his social enterprise’s services to areas further afield. He explains:

Our future plans are to develop new products, reach geographic areas and beneficiary groups further afield as well as to create more employment and voluntary opportunities.