Fran says aye to change

Statistics show that around two thirds of adults in Scotland are overweight or obese. Social entrepreneur Fran Loots has set up Aye Can Change to tackle the challenge and promote long term, sustainable weight management.

Aye Can Change introduces simple techniques with some ‘aye can’ attitude, in addition to support, for people to make small, no cost and realistic changes. Fran has created an interactive online programme that encourages a healthy relationship between mind and body. The ultimate goal is to promote sustainable weight management and feel good, as she puts it:

No banned foods or fad diets, just tools and techniques for lasting change.

A former community health worker with a fitness background, Fran also has the support of nutritionist Dr. Chris Fenn, and has been working in conjunction with Professor Bill Buchanan from Napier University’s School of Computing.

Fran decided to go down the social enterprise route as it provided her with a window to experiment with a different approach and involve people in a way that is not possible in other sectors. Speaking about her decision, she says:

Joining a movement of people wanting to make a difference in communities in Scotland felt the best way to go.

Fran has been meeting with Colin, our Edinburgh Just Enterprise Business Advisor, to develop her business plan and help turn her idea into reality. Describing the support she received, she says:

The belief in the concept and plan really gave me the confidence to take it forward.

Her short term goals are to pilot the programme that has been developed and then look at ways to involve users in the future design and its refinement.

Longer term, her ambition is to develop a strategy to roll her programme out, reinvesting the profit in community health and training up local coaches and mentors in low income areas.

For more information on Aye Can Change, get in touch with Fran!