Muirhouse has got talent

16 year old Annie was awarded £500 seed funding to develop her 'Muirhouse has got talent' project, as part of our partnership with North Edinburgh Arts

We’re working with groups across Edinburgh to find individuals who have a good idea that could benefit their local community. With some funding and support that idea may strengthen to become something more…

Since May, we’ve been linking with North Edinburgh Arts and the people of Muirhouse and Pilton to find those people with good ideas for their communities.

Our first awardee, 16 year old Annie Cheung, will be working with North Edinburgh Arts to run her ‘Muirhouse has got talent’ project.

The project will involve young people in Muirhouse, creating music videos and short films which will be shared across social media. There will be lots of opportunities for people to get involved and develop a range of skills – from artwork and behind the scenes activities, to taking part in the filming.

Speaking about her project, Annie said:

A film project was in our school and lots of people volunteered to take part, so I know they are interested. It’s just about to finish and we want to be able to do more. With the award, we’ll be able to start a bigger project and make a proper show.

Annie will use the £500 award to promote the group and encourage more involvement, as well as funding some of the equipment needed to run the project.