Eve Hepburn - Fearless Femme

After surviving a period of anxiety and depression, Eve became aware of how commonplace mental health conditions are in modern society. She was one of the four people to receive £500 seed funding as part of our partnership with Good Ideas Academy at The Melting Pot.

As a university lecturer, Eve also witnessed first-hand the effects of stress on her students, especially young women. Having overcome her own mental health challenges, she is now determined to help others.

Eve has started an online magazine called Fearless Femme.

Fearless Femme will empower young women to overcome stress and other mental health problems, and to connect with others in a safe online space.

This is where my idea for Fearless Femme emerged - from my conviction that stressed-out young women need a safe space online. Somewhere they feel supported and inspired. Somewhere they can connect to others and feel like part of a bigger community, and where they can find the tools to regain their balance in life.

Unlike other magazines that focus on beauty, fashion and unhealthy dieting - which can often exacerbate stress – Fearless Femme celebrates the innate strengths of young women. The aim is to give young women the tools and vocabulary to build a better mental place for themselves. It does so by providing advice and analysis on how to harness one's self-esteem, develop a positive body image, and tackle the challenges that life throws at us. It features articles and interviews with fearless women who have overcome their own challenges, and draws together a wealth of resources on dealing with stress.

Fearless Femme will shine a light on mental health and celebrate our vulnerabilities as our strengths.

Fearless Femme is also an online community, offering an interactive social network that allows members to share their experiences and connect with one another. As a social enterprise, the online magazine will use profits from subscriptions to reinvest in the mental health of young women.

Eve has used the £500 award to cover legal fees for setting up Fearless Femme as a Community Interest Company and towards website design. Fearless Femme CIC now has a 6-member strong Board of Directors and a group of volunteer writers and artists.

Eve was also recently awarded a grant through Firstport's Start It awards to further develop her platform, ready for launch in January 2018.

If you’d like to find out more about Fearless Femme, you can contact Eve at: e.v.hepburn@gmail.com