Bottling heritage in Bridgeton

Natalia Jejer founded Bottle of Ginger, a community drinks company based in Bridgeton, which aims to change local 'juice' culture by challenging consumption habits, redefining the product and rethinking the processes in soft drink manufacturing.

Bottle of Ginger's ginger beer is inspired by Glasgow East End’s drinks manufacturing heritage, made to a traditional recipe using only natural ingredients: filtered water, organic and fairtrade raw sugar, organic ginger & lemon. Profits from each bottle sold goes towards tackling food inequalities in the east end of Glasgow.

Providing a central hub for the community, their intention is to collectively grow, make and distribute healthier local, socially and environmentally conscious drinks while providing volunteering training and employment opportunities to local people.

Their long term aim is to set up a microbrewery and series of urban micro-farms producing a range of local community drinks.

Bottle of Ginger founder, Natalia Jejer, received support from Firstport business advisor Brian McMillan, who helped her to firm up her business plan and cashflow. As a result of the support, the company has incorporated as a CIC and transformed from a community project into a viable community drinks company.

Bottle of Ginger has now produced its first product and also recently successfully applied for Build It funding. They are looking to employ two people to drive both the community engagement and the commercial side of the business. This will ensure they have a strong, skilled community to take on the manufacturing brewing and growing facility going forward.

Find out more about Bottle of Ginger on the website