Takeaway Creative

Meet Fiona, one of the aspiring social entrepreneurs to come onboard the Vital Spark programme in Dunoon.

Takeaway Creative is a roving, portable hobby service offering an innovative at home range of activities to a range of clients. Home can range from a private domestic location or a care home environment. All the practitioners are experts in their field and have strong social skills to communicate with a diverse customer base. Takeaway Creative can support a wide range of clients, including those on sick leave, carers, busy parents and the elderly. We can help reduce the impact of isolation and loneliness.

The idea for Takeaway Creative came from Fiona’s personal experience as a carer for her mum, who was housebound yet keen to enjoy herself and learn new skills. Fiona was unable to find any at home services that would provide quality activities for her mum in her own home. Takeaway Creative fills this gap - providing experts that will go to people’s houses and work together or teach in a safe and professional environment.

Vital Spark help me with networks and ideas to bring my idea to market in a good way, supported by a team of approachable and friendly folk

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