Soundplay Dome

Set up by Ewan Sinclair and Bal Cooke, Soundplay Dome is one of the winning ideas of the Social Innovation Competition 2018.

Soundplay Dome is a multi-sensory audio visual pop-up space that uses music, animation and interactive technology so users can explore, create and communicate through music, movement and play. Ewan and his co-director Bal Cooke plan to use it primarily with young people with additional support needs. The Dome takes the form of a 5 metre-diameter geodesic dome; it uses tactile interfaces and projection mapping to act as an immersive audio/visual instrument.

We are delighted to have been selected as winners of the Social Innovation Competition. The Soundplay Dome is at a really exciting stage in its development and support from Firstport will be instrumental in allowing us to reach a wider audience and gain new skills in how we manage and present our work in the future. Ewan Sinclair, Soundplay Dome.

Watch this video and finds out more about how the dome works.