Amee Ritchie - S'Wheat

A recent graduate from Edinburgh College, 20-year-old Amee is tackling single use plastic by producing environmentally friendly water bottles.

Amee Ritchie and business partner Jake 

S'wheat was created by Amee Ritchie and her business partner Jake during their undergraduate studies.

16 million plastic bottles end up in landfill every day in the UK alone, globally the issue is just as severe. The S’Wheat bottle is a plant-based biodegradable water bottle that once placed in the ground will fully biodegrade within two years.

Amee said: “We created the bottle as a solution to reduce plastics from damaging the environment. We wanted a bottle which was long-lasting, naturally anti-odour and practical, after not being able to find this on the market we decided to create the S’wheat Bottle.”

Awarded a £500 Pounds for Purpose grant to get the project off the ground, Amee and Jake have plans to ensure the enterprise becomes fully sustainable. They are hoping to sell their bottles through large retailers and online, as well as through their own website and locally in stores and are planning on launching a Kickstarter campaign in January 2019.

Find out more about the project on social media @swheatstore