Amanda Craig - She's En Scene

Based in Glasgow, 26-year-old Amanda is setting up a women's community cinema screening films directed or written by women in safe spaces around the city.

Amanda Craig

Amanda wants to create a space where women and girls can watch, discuss and create films together, tackling social isolation within communities and promoting a more diverse industry. Amanda’s goal is to reach out to as many diverse communities as possible.

She said: “As a working class ethnic minority myself, I found it difficult to gain employment within film before my current role. Representation wise, this is a worldwide issue. We've seen from recent Hollywood media that women aren't equal in film. Only 11% of film directors are women.

“When it comes to young girls, we're still not seeing enough encouragement at school and college age to pursue technical careers within television and film. I genuinely believe this starts with watching and discussing cinema together and empowering women to tell their stories and change the world. I want to provide film workshops for young girls and women with the freedom to make content together and let women's voices be heard.”

Shes En Scene Logo Oct 2018

With her £500 Pounds for Purpose award, Amanda will be able to kick start her project by paying for film licenses and venue hire to screen the films.

As part of the enterprise, Amanda also plans to run an online shop selling She’s En Scene merchandise. Her five year plan is to have a small unit in Glasgow from where she can run regular community film screenings and workshops.