Glitter Beach impresses at John Logie Baird Awards

March 17, 2011

Founder Vicky Lee wins Social Enterprise Innovator award.

Eighty-three years after John Logie Baird changed the world by transmitting images from London to Glasgow’s Grand Central Hotel, the country’s newest generation of inventors and innovators gathered at the historic hotel for the prestigious awards programme, run by business support organisation, The GO Group.

Winners were honoured on 11th March in front of 270 industry experts and guests, including John Logie Baird’s grandson, Ian Baird. The awards were launched to commemorate the work of the television inventor.

Firstport award winner Vicky Lee, founder of social enterprise Glitter Beach was awarded the Social Enterprise Innovator award.

Glitter Beach is the unique vision of Victoria Lee, who created this concept whilst recovering from radical major surgery,  having survived against odds of less than 4%, after being given only 1 month to live with Crohns Disease. Whilst bedridden, with an open wound for 11 and a half months, Victoria channelled her energies into examining ways to help others with inflammatory bowel disease & stomas and the concept that is Glitter Beach was born.

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