Super Maths Academy event teaches Glasgow children how to calculate faster than a calculator

April 6, 2016

50 children and parents attended a free Super Maths Academy event in Glasgow at the weekend, and learnt how to calculate faster than a calculator. They were taught by Dr Rashmi Mantri, founder of social enterprise British Youth IT College.

The children in attendance on Saturday started to learn to calculate arithmetic equations in less than 30seconds using a technique called the Abacus tool. It was founded 2000 years ago and has now been developed into an easy software that helps children effectively master maths.

Super Maths Academy event   Saturday 2 April 2016
Super Maths Academy event on Saturday 2nd April

Ridham Khokher, 8, who attended the event on Saturday, said

I totally enjoyed the event. There were lots of other kids of my age. The introduction of the Abacus finger theory was amazing. We learned to count up to 99 using 10 fingers. We could perform calculations of millions of numbers using this mental Arithmetic method, just by throwing our fingers in the air. I signed for further classes right away.

Ridham Khokher   one of the children who attended the event
Ridham Khokher, 8, one of the children who attended the event. 

The Super Maths Academy helps children acquire a logic that will prepare them for coding and programming. They can then decide to attend the British Youth IT College which delivers a pre-apprenticeship IT programme for school children aged 8-17. During her past employment as an apprenticeships trainer and assessor, Rashmi found that many young people start apprenticeships unprepared. They don't get opportunities to work on real projects because they are not trusted by employers. The British Youth IT College addresses this issue by teaching young people skills that will prepare them for their apprenticeships.

As a social enterprise, The British Youth IT College focuses on working with children from deprived areas of Glasgow. To get the idea off the ground, Rashmi received funding and business support from Firstport. Rashmi says:

I live in the Maryhill area of Glasgow and I love it here. That’s why I decided to help kids who are from deprived areas. All the profits from the British Youth IT College and the Super Maths Academy will be reinvested in the community.

Rashmi Mantri
Rashmi Mantri, founder of Super Maths Academy and British Youth IT College

Click here to watch a Super Maths Academy students in practice.