The Next Big Social Thing launches at The Melting Pot

May 30, 2016

On Monday 25 April 2016 The Melting Pot hosted The Next Big Social Thing – an unveiling of products, services and enterprises designed by the 10 start-up social entrepreneurs supported on their Incubation Programme 2015/16.

melting pot

Held at The Melting Pot in Edinburgh city centre, the aim of this inspiring event was to introduce funders & potential partners to a range of talented founders from diverse backgrounds working to improve their communities, and allow them to experience social enterprise innovation first hand. The diverse new start-ups exhibiting included Edinburgh Tool LibraryThe Edinburgh Student Arts Festival and Invisible Edinburgh.

The afternoon was an interactive event with founders using a range of creative approaches to bring the services of their new social enterprises to life. It also included an address from Yvonne Strachan, Head of Equality, Human Rights and Third Sector Division, Scottish Government about The Role of Social Innovation in Improving Scotland's Communities. Yvonne noted:

It’s the people that can bring together the social and the economic through social enterprise, who are clearly at the essence of delivering on the ground the ambition of our economic strategy. Social entrepreneurs are at the heart of the matter. So we are very, very pleased to have been able to support TMP in this exercise and work with them on this undertaking, because it matters. What they are doing is incredibly important for our future.

The Social Innovation Incubation Award is TMP’s business incubation program, designed to help start-up social entrepreneurs to ignite their great idea for a better world. Claire Carpenter, founder of The Melting Pot, said:

It is a challenge to pursue – and maintain – success using a socially innovative solution as a business model. Ultimately TMP want to help these organisations to achieve better social impact through building better business models, faster.

Whilst the Incubation programme has now concluded for 2015/16, applications for the 2016/17 programme will open in July 2016. However anyone looking to register their interest earlier can do so by contacting Claire Carpenter directly.

For an overview of the Incubation program, and to hear from the founders and Claire Carpenter themselves, see these short introductory videos.