Happy 5th birthday to the Melting Pot

October 10, 2012

Scotland’s centre for social innovation celebrated with community tree planting day and picnic.

Friends of the Melting Pot celebrating its 5th birthday Friends of the Melting Pot celebrating its 5th birthday

 Claire Carpenter received a Level 2 award six years ago and last week she, her team and colleagues celebrated its 5th anniversary.

Since opening in 2007, The Melting Pot has provided space, support and resources to thousands of Scotland’s social-change entrepreneurs and organisations; stimulating and supporting our social innovation community.

Last weekend The Melting Pot celebrated their 5th anniversary, demonstrating their community values by involving people in ‘A Tree Day Out’ at nearby Vogrie Country Park. The ensemble planted the first 100 trees of a new Jubilee Woodland area and shared a beautiful Pot Luck Picnic in the autumn sunshine.

The Melting Pot’s vision and philosophy – of a society which has a vibrant, creative, resilient and effective social innovation community - has seen it foster and serve a vast array of activities which serve to better culture, society, and the environment.

Be it arts and culture organisations providing workshops for disadvantaged children, to green business consultancies, The Melting Pot has facilitated and nurtured the efforts and ambition of people and groups wishing to impact on other people’s lives in a long lasting and positive way.

The organisation has grown from strength to strength since its inception seven years ago, itself created by grassroots activists and volunteers. Along with the provisions of work and event spaces for members and the public alike, it proudly participates in a vibrant social enterprise network throughout Scotland and beyond. The social values inherent within The Melting Pot’s work have enabled it to actively represent a burgeoning sector which continues to grow despite current social and economic circumstances.