Raising profile. Reaching customers.

June 25, 2018

Take just 10 minutes to share your views on what’s needed to raise the profile of social enterprises to their customers and buyers.

Social Enterprise Scotland wants to know what will help social enterprises to collectively build profile, increase visibility among potential customers and unlock new markets. This research will feed into future initiatives delivered as part of the Scottish Government’s Social Enterprise Action Plan.

If you are a social enterprise or social entrepreneur based in Scotland, fill in this survey to share who your customers are, what your ambitions and challenges are, and what you think is needed to raise your profile and win you more customers.

It could be a collective brand for social enterprise? A campaign of some kind? A trusted label for social enterprise suppliers, their products or services? Or something else? There are many options.

The online survey will be open for a month from 21 June to 20 July. Please take this chance to share what you think. Take the survey.