Environmental entrepreneurs secure seed funding to develop biodegradable nappies start-up.

August 26, 2019

Amee Richie, co-founder of Bampoo, is one of 12 social entrepreneurs to secure a share of £60,000 funding in the latest round of Start-It awards. Delivered by social enterprise start-up agency Firstport, Start-It awards are part of the Scottish Government’s Social Entrepreneurs Fund and support social entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground and running.


Bampoo, founded by Amee Richie and Jake Elliott-Hook, is an eco-friendly social enterprise that produces biodegradable, toxin free nappies for babies. Bampoo’s nappies are made from 100% bamboo fiber and wood pulp which biodegrades meaning that their nappies will never end up in landfill or the ocean.

With 3 billion nappies ending up in landfill every year, Bampoo not only offers a solution to a huge environmental issue, but uses profits to deliver a Buy One Give One campaign, helping parents in deprived communities across Scotland. Meaning that every box you buy, they donate a box to a family in need.

These two social entrepreneurs are environmental pioneers, and are currently crowdfunding their other business S’Wheat- The Bottle that’s made from plants. If you’re interested in learning more about this venture then visit their crowdfunding page.

Amee Richie, co-founder of said:

Firstport has been an incredible support to us and we are very grateful to be a Start-It Awardee, the funding we have received will allow us to order our first production run in order to begin trading via our E-commerce site in the coming weeks. We are excited to demonstrate our social impact while helping to reduce plastic pollution and supporting low income families with a sustainable alternative.

Josiah Lockhart, Chief Exec of Firstport said:

The standard of our latest Start It Awards is evident in the number of successful awardees! It’s always a pleasure to see such high-quality social enterprise ideas coming through our doors. Bampoo is an exciting social enterprise tackling some key environmental issues, as well as delivering localised social impact! It’s going to be great seeing them get up and running.

Details of the award winners, by area:


  • Natasha Fullerton secured £5,000 to develop their social enterprise Peace Project
  • Bayile Adeoti secured £5,000 to develop their social enterprise Dechomai Events
  • Margaret Rizza secured £5,000 to develop their social enterprise Free Kicks CIC
  • Christopher Hanlon secured £5,000 for their Social Enterprise Pitch Up and Play

North Lanarkshire:

  • Teri Smith secured £5,000 to develop their social enterprise Tool Library Cumbernauld.


  • Amee Richie secured £5,000 for their social enterprise Bampoo
  • Kim Hartley Kean secured £5,000 for their social enterprise Communication Inclusion People


  • Sara MacMillan secured £5,000 for their social enterprise The Kitchen at 44 King Street
  • Ruth Glasgow secured £5,000 for their social enterprise The Hub G63 Food and Sustainability Hub


  • Kimberly McPherson secured £5,000 for their social enterprise Love with Light


  • Pawel Jakubowski secured £5,000 for their social enterprise Greenock Raceway

South Ayrshire:

  • Ann Berry secured £5,000 for their social enterprise Biosphere Bikes