Ditto is a unique way of spreading good social enterprise ideas using tried and tested business models, ranging from cafes to childcare. It offers aspiring entrepreneurs a range of proven business models that will benefit you and profit your community. And it's all free! So if you want to run a business with a social impact, Ditto can help you do it. 


You’ll get

  • Practical how-to guides
  • Industry knowledge
  • Business support
  • Funding
  • Peer support

Why it works!

Derived from those already succeeding in business, it can help accelerate the processes involved in setting up, saving you time and money. Ditto provides a means of gaining industry specific knowledge from real entrepreneurs including lessons learnt and challenges faced. Choosing Ditto could significantly increase your chances of success while reducing the amount of risk involved. 

What's good about it?

  • Ditto’s staff will give you advice and support at every step. There’s a valuable package of practical guidance and financial advice waiting for you now, all free of charge.
  • Ditto currently has 12 social enterprise models. Each have low start-up costs, can be used to address a variety of social issues and are easily integrated in to any community.
  • All our models are proven, work well and will benefit you and the community you want to help

What do I do next?

Step 1. Check the Ditto ideas bank
If you’ve got the energy, enthusiasm and drive, but just haven’t got the right idea, Ditto could provide you with one. If you already have something in mind, it’s still important that you check the ideas bank.

Step 2. After you’ve read about your chosen model, it’s time to call in and register your interest. By doing so you’ll get the opportunity to hear more about it and ask any questions.

Step 3. Now you’ve got an idea, the information and the opportunity to gain everything included in the Ditto package, contact Eddie Wilkinson.

Get in touch by email or phone 0131 558 2724.

Attend our Edinburgh event on Tuesday 10th May.


To find out more about our programmes and how we can help you, get in touch.

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