Just Enterprise COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Just Enterprise is providing support to social enterprises alongside the SCVO Third Sector Hub and the Third Sector Resilience Fund. Their support is specifically to help you manage the enterprise and trading side of your organisation.

We recognise that some people will need support to understand their financial situation in order to apply for the Third Sector Resilience Fund.

In order to qualify for this fund, you need to be able to answer  Yes to the following questions on the eligibility checker:

  • We are applying for funding to help our short-term cashflow position
  • We know how much our monthly outgoings are and the anticipated value of income loss over the next six months (ballpark figure).
  • We know how much funding from TSRF we would need to keep our organisation afloat until the end of July 2020 (ballpark figure).

If you are unable to answer any of these questions, you can register for one of our free webinars.

Visit the Just Enterprise Website to book.

Please note that these webinars are not part of the fund’s application process.  However, they will help you understand your current position and the information you will need to gather and calculate in order to understand your future expenditure. The focus will be on helping you answer the three questions above which are key in applying to the Resilience Fund