Case Studies

Eco Larder

The Eco Larder is Edinburgh’s first zero waste supermarket.

Opening in December 2018 the shop has grown from strength to strength and now offers yoga classes, zero-waste workshops, as well as diversifying their product range to include fresh milk, and toiletries. With climate concerns becoming more and more vocal it’s as good a time as ever to get yourself along to their shop and see how you can make a difference to your life style, no matter how small, to reduce your waste production. 

Inspired by their daughter, Matt and his wife Stephanie set about to set up their zero waste shop to make it easier for Edinburgh residents to reduce their waste production. 

“Our real inspiration was our daughter, Jasmina, and trying to make an effort and impact for the world she was going to grow up in. We wanted to create community, real spirit and a belief that together individual actions can make a big change.” 

Any advice for other budding social entrepreneurs? 

“I guess any business idea should follow passion or dreams. Make sure your social enterprise excites you. Firstport have been a fantastic support mechanism and far more than just a funder. M tips would be to engage with them as early as possible on your journey, right at the ideas stage. They have seen so many businesses/ideas they can really support your project.”

What have been your main challenges? 

“Finding enough hours in the day and preserving a work-life balance. Sacrificing time with friends and family.” 

Hopes for the future? 

“To see a Zero Waste Ethos as the norm across our industry and many more!”