Dr Emma Ives – Business Advisor

As a Business Advisor, Emma works directly with clients through the Just Enterprise programme.

Emma’s work with start-up social entrepreneurs is either one-to-one or through delivering workshops and webinars. She helps clients understand what the social enterprise sector is, as well as how to develop their businesses from idea to reality. Emma believes in a person-centred approach, where the client is the expert and the business advisor supports them to realise the potential of both themselves and their businesses.

Her background is in project management, training management and research. Emma worked with Glasgow-based charity TRC, developing and managing training programmes for professionals in the television and digital sectors. Her event management experience included five years as the Festival Coordinator of the biennial visual arts festival Glasgow International, working at international art fairs, and evaluating programmes.

Emma’s research experience spans academia and industry and she understands the power of robust research and data in enabling businesses to demonstrate their value. She has a Ph.D. in Management form the University of St Andrews which was supported by Dundee Contemporary Arts and Creative Scotland. She also holds postgraduate qualifications in ‘Managing in the Creative Industries’ and ‘Career Guidance and Development’. Through consultancy work, she has been able to support organisations to achieve their ambitions, including work for Scottish Contemporary Arts Network, BOP Consulting, and Vis-à-vis Agency.

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