Hannah Davisson – Digital Communications and CRM Lead

As our Digital Communications and CRM Lead, Hannah plays a crucial role in ensuring all of Firstport’s work is well advertised and accessible. Hannah works across all programmes to assist in digital promotions, digital developments, and CRM integrations.

Having successfully completed a Salesforce Admin course, Hannah manages Firstport’s application database and has developed improvements to streamline our internal digital processes and improve our customer service.

Hannah previously completed a Masters in Art and Politics, which focussed on collaborative community work, as well as the use of art to generate political change. She has a keen interest in agile working and has enjoyed working with our Innovation and Digital team, to bring together Firstport’s digital strategy. Hannah works hard to ensure that all members of staff are supported to work more digitally.

Hannah is a member of Firstport’s Inclusion and Diversity Team and is continuously working to improve the accessibility of our content and website. Keep up to date on our progress with our Diversity and Inclusion news and blog posts. If you have found anything on our website inaccessible please let Hannah know by emailing info@firstport.org.uk.