Josiah Lockhart – Firstport Group CEO

As Group Chief Executive, Josiah is responsible for governance and strategy work across Firstport, FirstImpact, and Impact In investment Partnership Scotland. He represents the group in national and international forums as well as liaising with the Scottish Government on sector outcomes.

Josiah also holds the roles of Chair for the Scotland Can Do Green Economy Collab and Governance lead for Scotland Can B, and is a regular judge for start-up business competitions such as the Converge Challenge.

Prior to working at Firstport, Josiah spent 8 years as a change management specialist overseeing the start-up, merge, and/or rescue of a number of social enterprises and SMEs in both Scotland and the USA. He also served on the governance committee for the Scottish Land Fund from 2017-21 overseeing an investment budget of £10 million per year to support the acquisition of land and land assets by community organisations.

Josiah enjoys hearing social entrepreneurs innovative ideas and is passionate about sharing these with the rest of the business community, as an example to learn from. He also has a keen interest in democratic solutions to Climate Change and is constantly looking for ideas to lead our Just transition.

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