Julie Smith – Relationship Manager

As a Relationship Manager, Julie works with people who have been awarded Start It or Build It, supporting them in starting up and growing their social enterprise.

Julie provides support to awardees in whatever way she can. Sometimes this can mean being on the end of the phone if someone is having doubts or has exciting news to share.

Prior to Firstport, Julie worked in Community Development in Edinburgh for over 20 years. This role involved working with local people in a range of ways to improve their community. This could include anything from literacy work to setting up a Timebank.

Julie enjoys meeting the wide range of people who are running social enterprises. She likes to talk and learn from people, to find out how they got involved in what they’re doing and what inspires them every day. Through her community work, Julie saw how much talent and potential there is in Scotland’s communities. This inspires her to make sure people have a chance to use their skills, learn new things and live fulfilling lives.

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