General Funding Questions

Essential skills for social entrepreneurs

This interesting read explores how having a ‘no regrets’ skill set can arm social entrepreneurs for an uncertain future.

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Just Enterprise: Steps to Start Up

Learn at your own pace with this customisable, comprehensive E-learning programme, designed for early-stage social entrepreneurs.

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Social Value Lab

Social Value Lab conducts research, helping organisations to gain insights, transform services, make their case, and extend their influence.

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Scotland All Strong

Sport & Physical Activity, SEF - Start it

Scotland All Strong is a social enterprise that encourages a blended approach to improvement and self-management of mental health. They provide and promote physical activity, mindful relaxation, peer exchange, and support as powerful tools to benefit overall wellbeing.

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, SEF - Start it

EqualiTree is a social enterprise that provides training in land-based industries and heritage crafts to women and ethnic minorities: groups that have historically been excluded and under-represented from this work.

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