Pounds for Purpose

Small £500 awards for individuals aged 16-26 looking to make a positive change in the issues that matter to them.

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Social Entrepreneurs Fund – Start It

Up to £5,000 of start-up funding for individuals with a business idea that addresses a social, environmental, and/or community issue.

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Social Entrepreneurs Fund – Build It

Up to £25,000 of funding for individuals who have tried and tested an idea and want to turn it into their full-time job.

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Social Entrepreneurs Fund – Boost It

Boost It is a fund to help social enterprises that have been trading for up to three years to strengthen their businesses so they can successfully sustain trading.

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Social Innovation Challenge

The Social Innovation Challenge funds and supports innovators to kick-start solutions that tackle some of the most pressing challenges of our time.

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Welcome to our quiz

Are you looking for funding or support from us but not sure which programme is right for you? Start by taking this short quiz.

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