Training & Workshops

From understanding social enterprise to writing a business plan, our free workshops help you gain knowledge and skills to start and run your social enterprise.

Webinar: Steps to Developing a Marketing Strategy

This webinar will seek to understand how a marketing strategy can help and support your business. Building a marketing strategy that fits with your business and your goals to get the business on the road to success.

Webinar: Business Model Canvas & Business Planning

This 1 hour webinar takes you through the essential components of a social enterprise, how those elements fit together and how to consciously design a business that achieves both impact and profit.

Webinar: Starting a Charity

If you are considering setting up a charity this 1 hour introductory webinar will help you better understand:

  • “The Charity Test”
  • The duties of a Trustee
  • Appropriate legal structures – SCIO and Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status

Webinar: Book Keeping

The process of book keeping can be as simple or as detailed as you need it to be. This session introduces simple models to enable you to easily monitor/log the expenditure of your social enterprise while highlighting how effective book keeping can save you money.

Webinar: Build a Cashflow

Reduce the fear of cashflow! This introductory webinar will help to clarify how to build your own cashflow when you might not be aware of all the figures you need and outline why a cashflow forecast is essential in any growing social enterprise.

Webinar: Mission & Objectives

Being clear on your social mission is crucial. This webinar will explain how to identify and analyse the need and how your social enterprise responds to that need. Find out how to plan and be clear on the client benefit, how to communicate your mission and objectives to others, and how to stay focused on the beneficiaries from the start.

Webinar: Introduction to Market Research

This webinar will help you to understand why market research is important for your business plan and will provide an overview of different market research methods and the tools you can utilise to understand your customers, identify your competitors and feed into your marketing strategy.

Webinar: Governance

  • What does Governance mean to you?
  • Do you know you will need a Board?
  • Who can be on your Board?
  • What are the responsibilities of a Board member?

This 45 minute webinar will clarify some of your initial concerns and reassure you of the help and support available to help you along your path of developing a social enterprise.  The webinar is complimentary to the Legal Structures workshops available through Just Enterprise but will not investigate different structures and incorporation of your social enterprise.

For you if: You are considering starting up a new social enterprise and would like an overview of governance and the roles and responsibilities of boards.

NOT for you if: You are looking for legal advice or in depth guidance about legal structures.