Yvonne Greeves – Chair

Yvonne is the Director of Women in Business for NatWest group.

Yvonne is an experienced Non-Executive Director and holds a number of external Board positions. She is Non-Executive Director for Impact Investment Partnership Scotland and Non-Executive Director for the Growth Company Business Finance. Yvonne is a member of the Scottish Government Women in Enterprise Advisory Council.

As Director of Women in Business for NatWest Group, Yvonne is responsible for designing, implementing and driving its Women in Business Strategy across the UK. Yvonne’s passion to understand and change the landscape for female entrepreneurs is breaking down barriers. She is directly enabling women worldwide to access better finance, networking, learning and growth, and inspiring those in this sector to support each other.

Yvonne has an integral role in the Interventions for the Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship, which seeks to address the £250 billion economic opportunity to the UK Economy if women set up and scale in business at the same rate as men.

Yvonne actively mentors and provides training to female entrepreneurs in the UK, and with bankers from financial institutions globally through her work with the Financial Alliance for Women.

Contact Yvonne on Twitter or LinkedIn.