Social Enterprise Thrives in Forfar: Dispelling Myths and Building Connections

Scotland’s commitment to social enterprise success shines! A recent event at Forfar tackled common challenges faced by social enterprises, guiding them through the support system.


On June 20th, in the picturesque town of Forfar, Voluntary Action Angus organised the Social Enterprise Business Support event in collaboration with Just Enterprise, The Circle, Firstport, and Business Gateway,

Deputy CEO Jeremy Miles giving presentation in front of a group of people at Forfar.

The event tackled common challenges social entrepreneurs face, particularly navigating the complex support system. Here are key takeaways to empower your social enterprise journey:

  • Navigating the Support Landscape: The third sector’s organic growth has created a complex support network that can potentially overwhelm newcomers. The solution? Visit Just Enterprise’s  apply for support page and once you have completed the short application based on your needs and stage, you will receive tailored support recommendations by an expert.
  • Choosing the Right Legal Structure: Social enterprises  can take various legal forms, such as Community Interest Company or Company Ltd by Guarantee. The best structure depends on purpose, customer base, ownership, and risk. Organisations such as The Circle offer guidance on this, and Firstport will host an expert-led event on legal structures this September in Stirling. For details, contact
  • The Power of Networking: Attending workshops and events is crucial for staying in the loop and building essential connections. Subscribe to newsletters from organisations such as Business Gateway, Just Enterprise, Social Enterprise Scotland and Firstport to keep informed about sector trends and build a solid professional network.
  • Cost-Free Services: Quality doesn’t always come with a price tag! Scottish Government-funded organisations offer free or low-cost events and workshops to support social entrepreneurs, providing specific support from experts.
  • Support at Every Stage: Social entrepreneurs can access support at any business stage, from initial idea exploration to established enterprises. For instance, Just Enterprise  offers one-on-one appointments with business advisors for those developing business ideas.

This event served as a valuable resource, dispelling myths and highlighting the wealth of support available to social entrepreneurs. Organisations like Just Enterprise stood out with their commitment to long-term success, emphasising, “We’re here for you as long as you need us.”

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