Access Report: Investigating Access to Finance for Ethnic Minority Social Entrepreneurs in Scotland

The Access Report investigated the understanding, perception, and availability of social investment among ethnic minority social entrepreneurs in Scotland.

The Access Report, published in May 2024, reveals the key barriers preventing ethnic minority social entrepreneurs in Scotland from accessing investment.

The barriers identified include low awareness of the social investment market, little or no wraparound support during the application process, low levels of trust in financial institutions and difficulty navigating the business support ecosystem.

The report also outlines a series of recommendations and opportunities to increase the awareness of social investment among ethnic minority social entrepreneurs and some of the interventions that would allow this group to access and benefit from social investment products so they can scale their social impact.

The report was produced by Dechomai with the support of Social Investment Scotland and Firstport.


  • ACCESS Report Full Version - Final

  • ACCESS Report Summary Version - Final