Case Studies

Clean Water Wave

Clean Water Wave is a social enterprise dedicated to developing and supplying clean and safe water technologies for use on polluted water and for climate mitigation purposes.

Led by Dr Stephanie Terreni Brown, Clean Water Wave was set up in 2017 by a group of individuals with experience in the water sector. They knew that across the globe, providing residents in remote and rural communities with safe water presents a costly challenge.

After realising that none of them had seen a water treatment system working in a rural or low-income environment that was working effectively, they decided to bring their knowledge and expertise together to get safe drinking water to remote and rural communities.

The social enterprise developed the Clean Aqua For Everyone (CAFE) water treatment system that can help clean up contaminated water sources. The system is designed to be robust, require little to no energy, run in difficult conditions, and run automatically. It provides clean, safe water in a financially and environmentally sustainable way.

Using the world’s best technology for water filtration, they aim to create enterprise opportunities, educate people on the importance of water, sanitation, and hygiene, and help to improve the quality of water resources in Scotland and beyond.

Learn more at the Clean Water Wave website.