Case Studies

Brave, Strong, Beautiful

Employability Energy (Including renewables), LaunchMe

Kerry Anderson, founder of Brave, Strong, Beautiful, set up her social enterprise to help change the lives of young people in Scotland.

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Communication Inclusion People

Creative Industries (including Digital), SEF - Start it

Communication Inclusion People is a social enterprise founded by Kim Hartley Kean and Amanda Bennet. It aims to ensure that everyone is using the best practice in their communications to ensure maximun inclusion.

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The Wellbeing Circle

Health & Social Care, SEF - Start it

The Wellbeing Circle, founded by Siobhan Hencher, is a social enterprise designed to support all levels of wellbeing in Forth Valley.

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World Tree Agriculture

Food & Drink, SEF - Boost It

World Tree Agriculture is a Food and Health based social enterprise. Founded by Ian Fraser, World Tree Agriculture is a food technology social enterprise which aims to revolutionize the UK agricultural sector.

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Wild and Kind

Creative Industries (including Digital), Glasgow Accelerator

Wild and Kind, a social enterprise based in Glasgow, focusses on minimising isolation and loneliness for women. Trudi Donahue, founder, uses the profits from her ethical mechandise sales to fund workshops, meet-ups, and community events for women and those outwith the gender binary.

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Circular Economy

Bampoo is a social enterprise aimed at reducing plastic pollution and providing low income families with nappies that are better for the planet.

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The Sewing Cafe

Creative Industries (including Digital)

The Sewing Cafe, founded by Francia Boakye, exists to eradicate loneliness by bringing people together through the love of sewing. For the betterment of every individual no matter their background.

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Magic Egg

Creative Industries (including Digital), SEF - Build it

Magic Egg productions is a social enterprise operating across Scotland to make information more accessible to people in the Deaf, Deafblind (BSL User), and Hard of Hearing Communities. Co-founded by Titus and Rachel, Magic Egg were inspired by the BSL Scotland Act in 2015.

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Sustainable Thinking Scotland CIC

Employability Energy (Including renewables), LaunchMe

Sustainable Thinking Scotland CIC (STS) is an environmental social enterprise based in the Falkirk area. It delivers projects that encourage local sustainable food production, provides community-scale green waste recycling, and creates learning opportunities for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the area.

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