Case Studies

Compassionate Accompaniment

Compassionate Accompaniment is a social enterprise created to guide and support individuals to identify ways to care for themselves.

Misty Hannah, founder of Compassionate Accompaniment, felt inspired to start her social enterprise after seeing the great need in our health care systems for ongoing support. She identified a lack of services that help to educate people to understand how to integrate self-care practices into their life.   

Compassionate Accompaniment offers support to individuals with ongoing healthcare concerns, as well as their friends and family. The service specialises in providing cancer care, end of life care, support for those in the grieving process and for caregivers. Compassionate Accompaniment offers both individual and group support through self-care educational services and mindful movement practices.

We spoke to Misty to learn more about her inspiration for starting Compassionate Accompaniment and her hopes for the future.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Compassionate Accompaniment’s services continue to operate online. In July 2021, Misty’s Accompanied Walking service will be starting up again, providing the opportunity for Compassionate Companion sessions to take place outdoors.  

You can find out more at the Compassionate Accompaniment website.