Case Studies

Lochview Rural Training

Lochview Rural Training has created a learning facility that provides rural learning, training and career opportunities for young people looking to pursue careers in rural industries.

Not just focussing on more traditional ideas of ‘rural industries’ such as agriculture, Lochview Rural Training offers a wide range of activities, and skills training. From working with animals to environmental sustainability classes. We caught up with founder, Cara Cameron.

What was your inspiration for setting up your social enterprise?

I wanted to use my experience and knowledge to help others.  It was important to me to look at the opportunities I could create for young people in my area and to help address the barriers these young people face

What did you find most challenging?

Knowing where to look for social enterprise assistance and understanding the legal implications to the various governance.  After a conversation with Anna at Just enterprise things started to fall into place and after attending a range of webinars I felt more knowledgeable to move the idea forward.

Do you have any top tips for other social entrepreneurs?

Don’t worry about asking “silly questions” be brave – if you have an idea be happy to share and take any support that is offered.  If you have a passion and a belief step forward and take the future for what it holds.

What are your plans for Lochview Rural Training?

We are launching in April 2021, with a new website being launched in February 2021.  We aim to provide educational courses and summer workshops before we launch into a full education program from August 2021. 

Cara was successful in obtaining Start It Funding from Firstport to help get her ideas up and running. Interested in starting your own idea? Get in touch today!