Case Studies

Love With Light

Love with Light is a social enterprise aimed at supporting adopted and fostered children and their families. Former social worker, Kim McPherson does this through the creation of story books, which are useful tools for families to use when discussing children’s difficult beginnings.

“For 18 years as a social worker I have worked with abused and neglected children. The heart breaking stories they can tell themselves makes me determined to help them realise their past should not define their future.

I had helped children unpick the damaging messages they have internalised but it wasn’t until we were desperately considering splitting a sibling group that I picked up a camera. I knew that if I learned how to show love when words failed, I could find them a home together. It worked and where my focus has gone energy has flowed.”

“Firstport helped me consider my idea and practically work out how it would run as a self-sustaining business. They have also provided much needed encouragement when I needed renewal. The grant was practical but was also just as valuable as a confirmation that what I was doing was legitimate.  

We now harness the love that families have for their own children and capture this through family photography, to then show children who are fostered and adopted the love they need to feel the most.” 

“I hope that I can continue to offer this privilege to others who may not have had the opportunity. To come to our studio knowing that their small act of kindness might just be part of changing someone’s life.”