Case Studies

Peace Project

Natasha Fullerton, co-founder of Peace Project, is a qualified social worker inspired by her own difficult childhood to help and support others experiencing difficulties in their lives.

Natasha first experienced Yoga whilst travelling, and feeling the benefits of it on her own wellbeing completed her teacher training course in India, before returning to Scotland in 2018. 

I thought to myself how can I incorporate yoga with social work? And the idea of Shambhala Yoga was born!! Shambhala means a place of love, peace and happiness and that is what we want to create.

I have learned first-hand how yoga can help us to heal ourselves and improve our physical & mental well-being. There are so many therapeutic benefits that yoga can offer. It is more than just a physical practice and this is what we want to share with people in the local area of Stirling. 

Recognising the lack of mental health and general support services for vulnerable groups within the Stirling area despite the increase in reported mental health and social problems.

We want to make yoga accessible to everyone particularly people who would not perhaps access yoga due to barriers such as price or perception and stereotypical attitudes towards yoga.  

Our vision is to improve peoples’ well-being and improve social inclusion by creating a community within Stirling that can come together through yoga and other alternative therapies no matter what walk of life.”

Some top tips for other passion filled entrepreneurs?

Go for it! Your dreams/ideas can become a reality if you put your mind to it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, speak with the staff at Firstport they give you support every step of the way. Think what your passion is in life and how you can share it with others, let that shape your business idea.

What have you found most challenging starting your social enterprise? 

Challenging trying to find the time to develop my idea whilst working full time, also trying to learn more about the business aspect of running a business and getting to grips with the legal context, as we had to change from a company limited by shares to a company limited by guarantee. 

What’s next for Peace Project? 

Our hope for the future is to see our social enterprise flourish in the local community and for more people to learn and incorporate yoga and relaxation techniques as a way to improve their physical and mental health.

In the future we hope to be running a variety of different classes within the community and online for those who are unable to make classes. We also want to have a team of yoga teachers on board, including supporting and encouraging people who have an interest to do their teacher training and become teachers themselves. 

We would also like to run well-being retreats in nature particularly for people from disadvantaged backgrounds to fully experience the yogic lifestyle typically found abroad.