Case Studies

SHE Scotland CIC

SHE Scotland CIC was founded by Karen Anderson as a way to support females to become emplowered, supported, aspirational and to improve their life chances.

SHE Scotland provides training, projects, and educational opportunities for females aged 8 plus. The programmes are all designed to support positive wellbeing, peer relationships and to develop communication skills. We caught up with founder Karen to discuss her social enteprise journey in a little more detail:

What was your inspiration for setting up a social enterprise?

 I wanted to support the girl I used to be, the young women I grew up to be and the woman I became because of a lack of confidence and self-belief. My years of working in communities where females were under represented, valued and skilled fuelled a belief that I could make a change.  A change in mid set, in self-belief and aspirations.  Growing a stronger generation of females to enable them to reach their full potential.

What were the biggest challenges you faced when setting up?

Some of the challenges were to develop my initial ideas into a business model and support challenged me to think as a business.I sought support to develop my ideas, guidance on building a social enterprise and increasing my skills and confidence to become a leader.

Do you have any top tips for social entrepreneurs starting just now?

I would definitely  seek advice and guidance especially around financial accountability and setting up a strong base.  Developing a strong business plan is crucial it provides a strong foundation for your business and can be a great template for moving forward.  Speaking to other SE [social enterprises] with similar values would also be beneficial. 

What does the future hold for SHE Scotland?

SHE Scotland will grow this year even in the difficult months ahead due to COVID but we will grow.  Our programmes and learning are much needed and we can be sure that the metal health of the future generation needs SHE.  The support of the Build It award will free up my time to develop the foundation of the business. Take a step back from delivering and focus on the future opportunities which SHE can develop.  Ultimately the belief in SHE from Just Enterprise has boosted my own belief in my organisation, team and the future.

To find out more about our Build It fund visit our funding page. To learn more about Just Enterprise support visit their website and register for free today!