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Social Shifters

Register for free to access the learning and community based platform designed for social and environmental changemakers.

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Free digital outreach support

Support from Inspiring Scotland and other signposted organisations to improve your charity or social enterprise’s digital outreach.

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Cyber Safety Training

Watch this recorded webinar from Business Gateway for discussion and insight on the dangers posed by cyber threats, and guidance on preventative actions you can take to protect your business online.

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Creating Killer Content

This episode of the Charity Digital podcast talks all about content and how you can utilise it to benefit your organisation.

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Digital Support from SCVO

Tips and tools available to support people and organisations in Scotland develop their digital potential.

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Charity Digital Code

Use this code of practice to increase your organisation’s impact with digital.

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DataKind UK

DataKind UK helps social enterprises use data science to have more of an impact. They connect you with some of the UK’s best data scientists for free.

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Small Business Guide to Cyber Security

Affordable, practical advice for businesses to improve cyber security.

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What is Social Impact?

Watch this short video to understand what social impact is, why it is important, and how you can measure it.

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