Zeme Waldheim-Ross – Engagement and Outreach Officer

Zeme works across the Communications and Enquiries teams ensuring Firstport is reaching as many people as possible.

She will be one of the first people you speak to when seeking support and guidance from Firstport.

Zeme creates and shares our monthly newsletter, and is also responsible for organising and running online and in-person events, and representing Firstport at external events. She works closely with teams across the organisation to implement Firstport’s outreach strategy. Zeme aims to contribute through her outreach work to Firstport’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

Before joining Firstport, Zeme worked in Communications at a disability charity in London and in the NHS. Zeme graduated with an MSc at University of Amsterdam in 2016. She is a voluntary breastfeeding peer supporter with the National Childbirth Trust in her local community. 

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