UK’s first social enterprise internet provider EnableNet is changing the game in Scotland.

Social enterprise adapts to tackle internet inequality in the UK.

Like most entrepreneurs, Rob Flannigan has had a tumultuous year. Founder of Enable Gaming, an accessible gaming events social enterprise, Rob received funding from Firstport to get his first set of events launched in 2019. These were brought to an early end when the first COVID restrictions came in. Rob had to shut up shop, cancel all his events and press pause on his gaming social enterprise vision.

It was his passion to continue to make a difference that led him down a slightly different avenue and launch his new venture: EnableNet.

EnableNet is the UK’s first social enterprise internet provider and aims to tackle unequal access to the internet.

There are many households across the UK who struggle to afford internet for their home and rely on mobile data to study, work, and stay connected. This inequality is one that was only exacerbated when lockdown began and internet usage for many became a lifeline in staying connected to family, friends, and work. For every 10 internet packages sold, EnableNet offers a free 12-month package to a household that otherwise would be unable to afford it.
EnableNet offers competitive internet speeds, shorter 6-month minimal term contracts, and is Scotland’s first SoGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) provider in Scotland. SoGEA allows for fast, secure, and stable internet packages without the need of a landline. Couple this with their ethical core and social ambition, and EnableNet is set to become the number one provider for ethically minded individuals and businesses.

One of EnableNet’s first customers gives testimony to the enterprise’s service:

“EnableNet customer service has been simply incredible. There is always a friendly voice at the end of the phone, and they really go above and beyond to help with any technical issues. It’s great to know that sourcing my broadband from a local not-for-profit ISP that is helping families in need!”

Rob Flannigan, founder of Enable Net said:

“Access to stable, unlimited broadband really does increase social mobility, job prospects, and knowledge sharing. It enables individuals to keep up with current affairs and helps people to get access to information and support that they wouldn’t normally have.” 

If you’re interested in finding out more visit Enable Net’s website or get in touch via their email: