Meet the Team

Here’s the Firstport team, all working to ensure you have the social enterprise guidance you need to get started!

Josiah Lockhart – Firstport Group CEO

Chief Executive at Firstport, Board Chair of FirstpImpact, Committee Member Scottish Land Fund.

Gael Drummond – Chief Operating Officer

Kirstie Penman – Head of Programmes

Megan Veronesi – Head of Business Development and Partnerships

Maria Ashley – Head of Communications and Digital

Hannah Davisson – Communications Officer

Elaine Ogg – Executive Administrator

Colin McMillan – Programme Manager

Sinead Reynolds – Programme Officer (LaunchMe)

Julie Smith – Programme Manager

Ray Banks – Lead Relationship Manager

Sara Cowan – Relationship Manager

Karen Fitzsimmons – Relationship Manager

Brian McMillan – Business Advisor

Anna Lynch – Business Advisor

Maggie Frazer – Business Advisor

Campbell Urquhart – Business Advisor (Associate)

Kerrien Grant – Business Advisor (Associate)

Duncan MacPherson – Business Advisor (Associate)

Hazel Allen – Business Advisor (Associate)

Jess Polson – Finance Officer